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Hey 1963 Mohicans! ,

Since two classes before us attempted to dig up their time capsule but found nothing we decided to call ours the Mystery Dig. We had a fun day and we retrieved both the time capsule from the Viscount W'63 and the Lamears W'63 classes and hope this will encourage other classes to try. Pictures of the dig are listed below

It is time for the infamous Mystery Dig –The question will finally be answered for all of us warriors - is our time capsule still there or has it become the last of the Mohicans!!!!

So many summers have gone by and it seems like the right time to be walking on our campus once again. A time to reflect and wonder about all that has happened in the last 50 years. Would we have done things differently or travel the same path to be where we are today?

Dr. Russ Thompson, the principal of Gardena High School has agreed to open up the school during the hours stated below:

The Art Collection Library will be opened from 10:45am to 12:00pm Everyone is welcome to wander around the campus

 Photo 1 - Classmates who attended the dig
 Photo 2 - The dig
 Photo 3 - Zollotuchen, Minami, Franklin, O'donnell,Solomon, Galiger
 Photo 4 - Lamears items in good shape
 Photo 5 - Lamear's time capsule items
 Photo 6 - Lamear's time capsule items
 Photo 7 - The Dig
 Photo 8 - The Dig - Lamears plaque
 Photo 9 - The Dig - Milk Bottle
 Photo 10 - The Dig at GHS
 Photo 11- Time Capsule milk bottle
 Photo 12 - Viscount time capsule items
 Photo 13 - Viscount's time capsule at the dig


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Reunion Info

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